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Welcome to the Economic Discipleship Training Course for all, but especially for workers among the urban poor. In this course you will learn ten principles of Economic Discipleship. GO to the Course outline and assignments.

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Ten Principles of Economic Discipleship

What is Economic Discipleship? It is our obedience to the economic principles of the Kingdom of God. 1/4 of Jesus teaching about the Kingdom was about economic issues.

Ten Principles (Lugandan)

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Principle 1. Love & Human Worth

Economic Discipleship begins in love. Love for family means we provide for our wife and children. Love for community means we develop businesses to employ others Love for country means we seek economic systems that are just, productive and liberating.

Love & Human Worth (Lugandan)

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Principle 2. Creativity & Innovation

Creativity begins with the creator. It underlies innovation, which leads to entrepreneurship, and that creates wealth.


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Principle 4: Cooperation

God is an usness. Building savings and businesses together in cooperative manner is the key to uplifting the poor.

Cooperative Economic Systems

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Principle 5. Work & Rest

The creation of a rythm of work and rest in a nation is the foundation of creativity and the blessing of God.

Economics in the Pentateuch

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Viv Grigg, International Catalyst

Pr Lukwago, Ugandan Learning Networks

Training Design

The training is in three phases. A two day face to face training consultation followed by podcast (mp3) downloads to cell phones for 30 days, then a final day of face to face integration and reporting back. Each week there are action activities to put the training into practice.

Trainees may download the training podcasts daily off this site, or the trainer may send them daily to all the trainees cell phones. Each podcast is from 5-20 minutes.

At the end of 6 or 8 weeks, the trainees coame back together to tell stories of how they have implemented the training, and to receive their final certificate if they have completed listenig to all the podcasts and completed the assignments.

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Go to some options of Bible Studies you can use for training people in the ten principles that have been deisgned in different countries.

About the Alliance of Slum Workers

This training has grown from teaching learning networks of pastors and workers in the slums of over 40 cities in the world that link together in an Alliance. It has also been developed in a masters degree ( , training slum movement leaders, then applied in some Western national settings (See Kiwinomics: Conversations with New Zealand's Economic Soul).

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